Reftekk Pipe Stock

Product Literature

Swage Expander


Bendable Quality Copper Tubing

Brazing rings

EPDM Insulated Copper Coils

Aeroflex Pre-Split EPDM Insulation Overlay

Aeroflex Pre-Split EPDM Insulation

Aeroflex Standard EPDM Insulation

Cush-A-Therm Overlay


Roundup Plus Saddle Supports

Refrigeration Ball Valves

Aeroflex Insulation Protape

Aeroflex Aeroseal Adhesive

Aeroflex Outdoor Coating

Insulation Jackets - 90º XLR Elbows

Insulation Jackets - 90º LR Elbows

Insulation Jackets - Equal Length Tees


Insulation of Below Ambient Piping

Proper Insulation of Refrigeration Piping

Support of Pre Insulated Annealed Coiled Copper

Bending Copper Refrigeration Tubing

Code and Industry References to Bending Copper Tube

Anatomy of a Brazed Pipe Fitting

Dimensions of Brazing Sockets vs Solder Sockets

Oxy-Propane Brazing

How to Evacuate a System

Testing with Tracer Gasses

Bend Designer App

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