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The Reftekk Digi-Bender can be used to field-bend Soft (O60) and Half-Hard (H55) ACR-L copper tubing. Using a tubing bender provides several advantages, including fewer brazes, reduced leak potential, lower pressure drop, greater installation flexibility, and no need for expensive elbow fittings. The Reftekk bending app for Android and iOS is an invaluable tool that simplifies the bending process.


A.C. 110-120 V ~ 50-60Hz

Power Input


Materials Approved for Bending

Soft (annealed, O60 or R220 Temper) or bendable quality (H55 or R250 Temper) copper tubing.

Bendable Angle Range

Capable of bending 1 degree  to 190 degrees

Kit Contents

Digital bending machine, tripod stand, military-grade tool case with wheels, shoe pin, operation manual, and the following shoe and back-former sizes:

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