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Aeroflex Protape

Aeroflex Protape is a self-adhering EPDM rubber tape to strengthen the joints of insulation tubes and sheets.

Material Composition

EPDM Rubber




0.024 (± 0.004) mm.

Adhesion Peel Strength

1.20 per ASTM D3330.

Tensile Strength

2.5 per JIS K6301.


50% per JIS K6301.

Temperature Range

-70°F to 257°F (-57° C to 125°C).

UV Resistance

Passes ASTM G 7.

Ozone Resistance

No cracking per ASTM D 1171.

Water Vapor Transmission

.03 in (4.38 x 10-11) per ASTM E 96

Flame and Smoke Spread

25/50 per ASTM E 84. Self–Extinguishing.

Corrosion of Copper

Non-Corrosive/Pass per DIN 1988/ASTM C692.

Nitrosamine Contents

Not detected per U.S. FDA CPG No. 717.11, BSEN 12868.

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