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Insulation Jackets 90 XLR Elbow

Mitred elbows made from Aeroflex Standard EPDM Insulation for use in refrigeration and HVAC applications. Designed to fit tubing bent with the Imperial 370-FH bender or the Reftekk Digi-Bender. Meets 25/50 Fire and Smoke rating and has a working temperature range from -70 °F to 257 °F (-57 °C to 125 °C).


Low-density EPDM closed cell elastomeric foam, CFC and HCFC gas free.

Thermal Conductivity

0.235 (BTU * in/h *ft2 * °F) at 75°F.

Water Vapor Permeability

<0.03 perm-in. (4.38 x 10-11g/Pa*s*m)per ASTM E96.

Water Absorption

<0.2% by volume per ASTM C 209.

Working Temperature

-70 °F to 257 °F (-57 °C to 125 °C) continuous per ASTM C 411.

Surface Burning Characteristics

Meets 25/50 Flame-Spread/Smoke-Generated per UL 723 and ASTM E84. Additionally meets UL-94 5 V-A, V-0 and is self-extinguishing per ASTM D 635.

UV Resistant

EPDM provides UV Resistance in accordance with ASTM G7/G90.

Ozone Resistant

Meets ASTM D 1171.




1", 1-1/2", and 2" available.


Elbows 1/4" thru 1/2" designed to fit tubing bent with Imperial 370-FH. Elbows 5/8" thru 1-3/8" designed to fit tubing bent with Reftekk Digi-Bender.

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